I brush off the dust
on the old diary

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News anchor Taekwoon anchoring to Hakyeon literally

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N: Our Starlights! Thank you so much! (couldn’t continue because he started to cry) Ravi: First of all, thank you so much! Thank you so much, Starlights. We feel so happy to receive this award that was given by you. Thank you again, Starlights. Our members have worked so hard. Thank you to our parents, too. Starlights, I love you!!!

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It sucks when someone you have feelings for doesn’t share those feelings; it happens to women all the time, too. We hear “I just want to be friends” and “you’re like one of the guys” and “you’re like a sister to me” just as often. But you’ll never hear a woman complain that guys just don’t appreciate a Nice Girl because we’re taught it’s our own fucking fault when we’re rejected—we aren’t pretty enough or thin enough or sexy enough, we weren’t sexual enough or were too sexual, we put out too much or too little or too soon or not soon enough, we didn’t wear our hair the right way or our skirt the right length, we’re “too tomboyish” or “too butch” or “too feminine”, or we’re “not their type”, or we’re otherwise not good enough in various ways to entice the man to grace us with his affection.

But when we’re not interested in someone, we’re vilified. We’re the bitch that lead them on, the bitch who let them buy us dinner but didn’t want to date them, the bitch who doesn’t appreciate a nice guy, the bitch they were nice to and then got nothing in return from.

And, frankly, fuck those people. Showing interest in me, being friendly with me, getting close to me, or eating a meal with me (even if they paid for it) doesn’t obligate me to open my heart or my legs. And anyone who doesn’t appreciate my friendship sure as hell doesn’t deserve my love or my pussy.

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pull that hopeless thing up, Kris!!!

the sweetest thing in the world.

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Baekhyun - 140511 Mercedes-Benz Arena Mother’s Day fanmeeting

Credit: 纸巾. (梅赛德斯-奔驰文化中心母亲节粉丝见面会)

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[Instagram] 140513 Shim JaeWon update:

와우… 막둥에너지 #exo1stconcert

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Kris’ English freestyle on Shimshimtapa…

Baby let go baby let’s go so we can make some cake yo let go see i freestyle i wanna see ya go go up in the sky so high we wanna roll everyday you know what I’m saying cuz I love ya babe